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Who Are Seagrass Software?

Before forming Seagrass, Simon Pickering spent 6 years working as both a software developer and electronics engineer for Rolls Royce, after graduating from Birmingham University. At Rolls Royce he developed applications such as a nuclear reactor test and monitoring facility for Naval submarines, as you can imagine to the highest possible standard.

BBC News Website in 1999

Then, in 1999 Simon founded Seagrass Software Ltd. At a time when the world wide web and email were gaining popularity in businesses and in the home. Before anybody had heard of Google or iPhone and computers and software were often in headlines over stories such as the Millennium Bug (Y2K).

Using the software experience he’d gained at Rolls Royce, Simon assembled a team of first-class developers at Seagrass. His goal: To help customers understand how software could help their organisation by explaining things without jargon and listening to what they are aiming to achieve, to work closely and involve the customer throughout the process to ensure what is delivered is what was expected.

When you partner with us, we use all our insights gained over the past 20 years to find the best solution for you. Together we can build something that is uniquely tailored to your business requirements, whether that is a solution to make your business processes more efficient, to improve your customers experience, to generate more profit or simply to develop an online presence – we can help.

SEAGRASS SOFTWARE LIMITED was incorporated on 18th February 1999 as a private limited company, no. 3715116 and registered for VAT in the United Kingdom, no. 745 440044. Registered Office: 50 Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2HU.

For more information and to talk to a specialist about your software requirements please get in touch.