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Litework – The Recruitment Dashboard

The first screen you will see when logging into Litework Back-Office will be the Home page (Your Recruitment Dashboard). This screen provides a summary of the most useful and recent information, personalised for each member of staff. A number of panels, explained below.

The Panels on the Recruitment Dashboard utilise a layout management system which is shared throughout the Litework application. Each Panel can be moved/dragged and can be customised with your own colour scheme and header text. Enabling you to optimise each screen according to your requirements. Each consultant can either have their own layout per screen or the administrator (superuser) can set them up and “copy” ┬átheir layout to all staff.

Tasks: Certain records in Litework can have due dates and when set this date will be used to display “follow up” reminders in the Tasks Panel. Client Notes, Candidate Notes and General Notes will show here, plus if you use the sms text facility, your replies will come straight into the system and will show here.

New Jobs: As new jobs are posted onto the system, the most recent ones will show here. Each job includes a “magnifying glass” link which when clicked will perform a search for candidates suitable for the position and display the results.

New Applications: This Panel shows visitors to your website that have applied or are in the process of applying for one or more jobs. Clicking the “green arrow” takes you straight to the application screen which displays the relevant details with options to proceed and send out emails where applicable.

Shortlist: This is similar to New Applications but shows the applications that have been initiated by the consultants (usually via the “magnifying glass” link under New Jobs).

Applications in Progress: This Panel lists all applications that have been approved and are in progress. When ready, you will use the “green arrow” link to proceed to the next stage of the application.

New Candidates: This is a handy display of the most recent candidates to have either registered or be added by a consultant to the system. This Panel also has a “magnifying glass” link which will automatically find jobs for the candidate.

RSS Feed: This is a list of “news” items pulled live from a user-configurable rss feed. The feed can be from any websites that provides an rss feed, e.g. it could be your own website, an industry website or a key client’s website, helping you keep abreast of any new developments. You can even set it to query Google News using any term.

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