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Going Live – Optional Configuration Options

The next article will detail the Essential Configuration Options but there are also a number of optional┬áset-up┬ástages that are possible within Litework to tweak the functionality of your website or to make the database more productive. 1. Rename built-in fields to suit your companies terminology…...
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Sending Emails to Candidates

Below is a summary of the different types of email that may be sent to Candidates through Litework. It explains how and when to use them and how to set them up. Various merge-fields are available (see last column) which will be replaced with the…...
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Homepage for Registered Candidates

Litework provides a useful login facility for Candidates who visit your website and register. When a Candidate first registers they will be allocated a password and their login details will be emailed to them. Once logged in, the Candidates have access to a number of…...
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