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Homepage for Registered Candidates

Litework provides a useful login facility for Candidates who visit your website and register. When a Candidate first registers they will be allocated a password and their login details will be emailed to them. Once logged in, the Candidates have access to a number of…...
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The Litework CMS

Litework includes a useful Content Management System so you can not only fill your jobs but build and promote your website all from one package. When a Litework website is designed and built, the content that appears on each page comes from a variety of…...
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CV Parsing and Searching Features

When searching for candidates, such as when matching to jobs, Litework offers several different ways to locate relevant records by searching on the contents of CVs (Resumes). 1. Search by matching fields, e.g. Job Types, Locations, Sector, Qualification Level. This is the most precise way…...
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