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Display Specific News and Jobs using Litework

Litework (v 3.4) now has a News Management System built-in, allowing you to organise and publish your Company's news articles. You can categorise each news item¬†according to the job type, sector or location it refers to, which will then allow each page on your website…...
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Adding Widgets to Your Website

The Widget Editor is accessed from the Configuration -> Content Management Section ->Manage Widgets. This will present a list of any Widgets already configured with a link to add a new one. Widgets only require 2 fields, the "Code", which must start with LW_ ¬†and…...
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Editing Pages in Litework

Before you make any changes to the Page you must load the page you wish to work with by choosing it from the drop-down list at the top and pressing load. To create a new page, make sure it says "create a new page" in…...
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