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Going Live – Essential Configuration Options

If your new Litework Recruitment Website is about to go live, this is a check list of essential settings. Many of them will be configured for you but it is a good idea to double-check them to ensure that the right information is presented to…...
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Going Live – Optional Configuration Options

The next article will detail the Essential Configuration Options but there are also a number of optional set-up stages that are possible within Litework to tweak the functionality of your website or to make the database more productive. 1. Rename built-in fields to suit your companies terminology…...
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Adding Widgets to Your Website

The Widget Editor is accessed from the Configuration -> Content Management Section ->Manage Widgets. This will present a list of any Widgets already configured with a link to add a new one. Widgets only require 2 fields, the "Code", which must start with LW_  and…...
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Defining Custom Data Fields and Sections

If you have some particular data that you wish to capture either from Candidates or just for Consultants to use internally, and there isn't already a suitable field or section in Litework. You can simply add your own. Litework custom fields are created via the…...
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The Litework CMS

Litework includes a useful Content Management System so you can not only fill your jobs but build and promote your website all from one package. When a Litework website is designed and built, the content that appears on each page comes from a variety of…...
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