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Candidate Map with Vacancies

There is now a feature in Litework Back-Office enabling you to quickly pinpoint candidates and vacancies on a map. The Candidate Profile Screen can optionally show "nearby jobs" to give a quick overview of where suitable vacancies are in relation to the Candidate's home address.…...
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Setting up the “Job Seeking” Status

This field represents how keen the candidate is to take a new jobĀ (e.g.. actively, passively or not at all, and relates more to permanent than temp/contract recruitment. The list of options can be configured in the Configuration section "Manage Field Options/Drop-Downs" as shown below. [caption…...
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Automatic Candidate Inactivity Emails

What is it? The Automatic Candidate Inactivity Emails facility is a way to keep your candidate's job seeking status up-to-date allowing you to focus your attention on those actively seeking employment. In Litework, the options available under Candidate Job Seeking Statuses can be configured to…...
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