TACK IQ - Getting Started

TACK IQ 2 - Intelligent Account Management

Getting Started Guide

Minimum Requirements
PC - Pentium or compatible processor 233 MHz.
128 MB of RAM.
150MB of hard disk space.
CD-ROM or DVD drive.
Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME with .NET Framework 1.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or higher.
To use the optional Microsoft Office integration features requires Office 97 or higher and an internet (dial-up or via network) connection to send emails.


Step 1: Shut down all open applications including any anti-virus programs
Step 2: Insert the TACK IQ 2 CD-ROM into your computer's CD-ROM or DVD drive. If the installer does not start automatically double click the setup.exe file on the CD.
Step 3: When the installers opening screen appears click "Next".
Step 4: Select the I Agree button then click "Next" to confirm that you have understood and accept the usage terms.
Step 5: Click "Next" to accept the default installation options (recommended) or make any changes as necessary.
Step 6: Click "Next" to start the installation.

If you're not upgrading from TACK IQ version 1

If you have previously used TACK IQ version 1 then you do not need to uninstall that version before installing version 2, both versions can coexist on your computer. In addition, when you first run version 2, you will be asked if you wish to import your old TACK IQ data. This is the recommended path and is the quickest way to get up and running with version 2, it will copy across all your accounts, logins, license details and preferences such that no further setup is required.

This page is intended for new installations only, users upgrading from TACK IQ version 1 should now be up and running and can skip to the section - Logging into an Account.

Entering your Product Code

Before TACK IQ can be used for the first time you must enter the 20 digit product code that was supplied to you with the CD-ROM.

TACK IQ - Enter Serial No To avoid confusion the letters O and I are not used so where applicable these characters should be entered as 0 (zero) and 1 (one) respectively. Your product code is unique to you and should not be given to anyone else. Please keep your copy of the product code safe and secure as you may need to re-enter it if you ever need to re-install the software.

Creating the database

After successfully entering your product code, TACK IQ will ask if you would like to create a new database. Please answer "Yes".

Creating a new Account

TACK IQ - Create Account To start using TACK IQ, you must add an Account Manager and create an Account. From the "Login Screen" click the "New a/c manager" link and enter the Account Manager's name (Last Name is optional). The Password is optional but highly recommended to protect your important account data. When entering a password, it should be entered twice (check that caps-lock is not on) and you may also type a Password Reminder in case you forget your password.

After pressing OK, the new Manager details will be visible in the drop-down list. Now click "New client" and enter the name of the Account. After pressing OK, the new Account should appear in the drop-down list.

TACK IQ - Login

Logging into an Account

To log into an Account. Choose the Account Manager and then the Account from the drop-down lists, enter your Password (if you entered one) and then press the "Continue" button. Note: Use the "Show reminder" link if you have forgotten your password.

Outlook Integration

If TACK IQ detects Microsoft Outlook on your system it can provide additional features such as synchronising appointments, importing contact details and sending emails. These features can be turned off by clicking the Options button via the "Application" menu.

The TACK IQ Interface

TACK IQ - Homepage The screens within TACK IQ are organised such that they compliment the sections of the course. The user-interface consists of a toolbar at the top, a navigation pane on the left and the main window on the right. There is also a round "Application" button in the top left corner that provides access to system and account functions such as logout, backup/restore and contact import.

The toolbar provides access to most of TACK IQ's features; on the left are some commonly used features such as adding a contact; on the right are options that are exclusive to a particular screen. For example, on the Notes screen it allows new notes to be added, existing notes to be deleted and all notes to be printed.

The navigation pane consists of 3 sections. The main navigation tree is used to navigate around the IQ screens. The Key Documents tree allows documents associated with an account to be arranged, with a flexible folder hierarchy, beneath the account. The TACK Library tree provides instant access to a number of useful reference pages associated with the course.

When options are selected from the navigation tree or toolbar, the main window displays the relevant data entry screen and/or report screen, TACK IQ version 2 uses a multiple document interface so each screen you open appears as a new tab. You can quickly switch back to previous screens by clicking its tab along the tab. Smart links are also provided on some screens which when clicked will take you to a related screen. An example is shown on the first page - "missing information" - where there is a direct link to the relevant data entry page.

Tracking Historical Data

Many of the data-entry screens in TACK IQ hold information for which it could be useful to refer back to at a later date. The historical data feature allows versions of data to be "archived" by pressing the "Start New" button, and then re-called simply by selected the version from the drop-down history list. The feature works as follows:

Entering any screen for the first time after creating a new account will create a blank version on that day.

Pressing "Start New" will give you the choice of copying the current data to a new version, or say "no" to create a blank set of data.

Selecting a different version from the history drop-down causes the screen to display data from that version. Screens which consist of rows of questions (with a single answer), e.g. "Assess Key Account" will show old and new values together for comparison.

Use the "delete" button if you wish to permanently remove a version from your history.

TACK IQ - Reporting


TACK IQ 2 uses a new reporting engine which allows either a single section to be printed (or emailed) via the "print preview" button on the toolbar or you can produce a compete account report via the "Account Report..." button next to the "Application" button

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