Considering installing new information systems? Either to improve profitability or break into new markets. Seagrass can help by assessing the technical feasibility of your plans and providing an independent analysis of the risks. Where necessary, Seagrass can project manage and co-ordinate work carried out for you by other professionals.

Back Offices
It is likely that you have already established good working relationships with web design companies and/or Internet Service Providers. Our aim is always to work with your existing suppliers to communicate and co-ordinate with them so that as a team we can provide the solution that you desire on time and to budget.

Microsoft Access has come a long way from it’s humble origins as a simple single user database, for example it now has the ability to connect to much more powerful Structured Query Language (SQL) servers. It has considerable programming and logic handling ability and is a good choice for many mid-range or lower applications. However, MS Access is not a professional programming platform and has serious limitations which are a trade off in order to keep usability simple. More powerful, scaleable and often more cost-effective solutions can be found with platforms/technologies such as .NET, PHP or Java and databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle.

We can up-size a small databases to support the increased demands from your business, such as to adapt a Microsoft Access database to use something more powerful like MySQL or SQL Server. Alternatively, if you have or are about to invest in a new database or other piece of software, we can help you make the transition as smooth as possible by either migrating the data or even setting up an permanent interface between two or more systems. We will advise your business on the best approach to take and offer solutions to keep everything running smoothly.

We are specialists at integrating Microsoft and other third-party technologies into applications. For example, we can integrate Microsoft Word into your application to perform automated mail merge, Microsoft Excel to provide charting functionality, or Microsoft Exchange to provide e-mail and workflow solutions.

Data Recovery and Maintenance
If you’re having problems with your database (Lost data, Too slow, Poor security) we can repair it, in many cases recover the data and improve the configuration to reduce the risk of future corruption. Many databases, particularly Microsoft Access, are prone to corruption which often leads to performance issues and loss of data, and repairing them can sometimes be difficult even with the built-in tools. If you’re able to send us a copy of your database, we’ll give you an appraisal of the damage and a quotation to repair it. Please check our privacy policy if you have concerns about confidentiality. Also, if it’s an obscure or particularly old format we’d appreciate as much information about the database as you can offer.

Legacy Systems
We can provide a maintenance contract for any existing applications and databases you might have that have had developed by 3rd parties. This will take usually take the form of email and business hours telephone support and can be negotiated in terms of an hourly rate or a fixed monthly fee. In most cases this can take the form of remote working. We can also totally re-engineer an application and its data which can often offer major benefits to your organisation, including incorporation of additional features and removal of any obsolete functionality and technology.