We can help you setup and configure a new, existing or replacement PC with your existing software and documents intact. If your new PC requires any commercial software installing and you no longer have the installation disks or licenses, please advise us during the initial conversation and we can help you decide how best to obtain them. This type of service can usually take place at your home or place of business which helps to ensure your system is left in a fully working state with all your printers, networks, etc connected and working.

We can repair and maintain almost anything pc related, and/or advise you of the most cost effective solution(s) available. We can normally get components overnight to ensure minimum down-times (Note: actual times will depend on a number of factors but a fixed price can be arranged for anything that looks like it might involve several hours work or more.

Typical problems we can help with are:

  • PCs that are crashing or freezing due to software, driver or hardware conflicts.
  • Errors/Missing Programs due to damaged software installations or data or caused by viruses.
  • Un-bootable PCs
  • Slow PCs
  • Data Loss
  • Network/Internet Installation & WiFi

Sometimes you don’t realise how much data you have and how important it is until you suffer a data loss. This can be result from hardware failure, accidental deletion, hacking/ransom attempts, viruses, fire and theft. Regularly backing up your data could help you recover much faster should any of these events occur. Ideally backups should be stored securely and away from the original copies. One of the easiest ways to backup your data is online, and often for free. For example you could use Dropbox, MS Onedrive or Google Drive to backup your data securely, or combination of these. For example a Google Drive storage account currently offers 15GB for free and includes a free downloadable backup tool. Need help with this or have larger backup requirements please get in touch.

Computer Check-ups
Like a car, your computer will perform at its best when it is regularly checked and fine-tuned. Computer maintenance can prevent future problems and will improve the overall health, performance and security.

Virus / Spyware attacks
If your PC has suddenly started behaving oddly, for example: taking much longer to startup, or if certain functionality has changed or stopped working, e.g. web browsing, or if you are constantly seeing pop-up reminders to protect your system (when you believe it to be protected already) then you may have a virus. Viruses can be damaging to your operating system, your software, your data and also your reputation and you should always act fast. If you suspect you have a virus, shut down the computer and either start it in safe mode (F5) or use another device to find a solution. Unless you feel competent enough that you can remove the virus(es) safely, we would strongly recommend seeking help from a professional person or company.

We can get your wired/wireless network setup securely for you. We have lots of experience in this area can advise on any problems, risks or limitations you are likely to encounter and how to avoid them.