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A website / job board for job seekers

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Through Litework, your recruitment website will contain features to entice new visitors to search for jobs and register their details. Existing users can login to be taken to their own control panel giving them access to some useful career devlopment and tracking tools.

The quick search search facility permits site visitors to quickly find interesting or suitable jobs, without even logging in. A selection of featured vacancies are shown (any featured vacancy can be toggled on or off through the Back-Office system) as well as an optional "vacancy of the week".

Any number of clients can also be set as featured employers which provides a link to their details and vacancies from the homepage (see logos shown on the right).

Job Seekers Control Panel

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Once registered and logged in, the Control Panel, gives candidates a complete overview of their current situation.

It is divided into 4 panels which show:

  1. Suggested Vacancies - Based on their specified job preferences
  2. Messages - Messages can be sent either through this interface or external email or both
  3. Application History - The candidate's complete job application history
  4. Interviews - Any scheduled interviews

It is so quick and easy to use that the control panel gives candidates a great incentive to keep coming back.

Applying for Vacancies

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The candidate will find a vacancy either by searching or via one of the promotional features, e.g. "star vacancy".

After reviewing the details, the candidate can continue by pressing the apply button.

They will then be guided through various screens to collect personal information and CV.

If the candidate is already a registered user, many of the steps can be skipped and applications can take as little as 3 clicks.

Adding Job Preferences

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The job preferences section enables candidates to control the types of jobs offered to them. This self-administration can be a great time saver for your staff. As well as choosing location, working hours and job title.

Candidates can also choose specific groups (or job types) and specific sectors that interest them.

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