All information held by Seagrass is treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be given to any third party.

Use of Personal Information
Any personal information or data that we obtain from you is processed in accordance with the accepted principles of good information handling. Some information such as your address, telephone number or email address may be used by Seagrass occasionally to inform you of important changes in our Company.

Any information provided by you is held securely and in confidence by us in computerised records. You have a right to inspect the data we hold about you. If at anytime you wish to do so, you should write to our data protection compliance officer whose details are set out below. If anything in the data is inaccurate or out-of-date, let us know and we will amend our records.

Although we do not currently send out any e-mails annoucing new and/or changes to our products or services we may do so in the future. In this event, there will be simple instructions included that allow you to permanently “unsubscribe” from the service should you not wish to receive e-mails in the future.

Resale or Disclosure of Information to Third Parties
Seagrass does not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any information about our clients or visitors to this website.

Browser information collected on this website
The website logs are frequently analysed for the purpose of improving value of this website. These logs are not personally identifiable, and no attempts are made to link them with the individuals who actually use this site.

Use of Cookies
This website does not use permanent cookies or store any information on your computers hard-drive (other than session based cookies which automatically expire as soon as you leave the site).

Additional Information
If you have any complaints or queries about our privacy policy please write to:

The Data Protection Compliance Officer,
Seagrass Software Limited,
3 Barcheston Close,
DE21 2QG

or send an email to