Microsoft Business Solutions

In short, the benefits of developing using Microsoft Platforms and Tools are numerous:

  • Decrease the cost of developing your custom business solutions
  • Decrease the time required to create very complex business solutions
  • Deliver powerful web enabled solutions, easy to deploy with low administration overheads
  • Integrate more easily with other systems and platforms
  • Availability of pre-built class libraries, 3rd party add-ins or controls
  • Rapid user interface development (rich functionality in less time)
  • Improved security (e.g. public key encryption)

Microsoft Business Solutions

Key Features of Microsoft .NET

Your business success and profitability depends on staying one step ahead of your competition. You must constantly find ways of doing things better and faster with less people and resources. Powerful business solutions to run your business the way you want it to are essential. With .NET, Microsoft allows us to deliver you powerful business solutions in less time than ever before. .NET improves reliability by delivering a new powerful infrastructure for your custom solutions to run in.

.NET incorporates the best ideas and innovations from past and present computing experience and takes well known and established solution development platforms such as Active Server Pages (ASP) and Visual Basic (VB) and revamped them to be more object oriented and powerful. It simplifies programming tasks while still delivering power and flexibility. This greatly improves the architecture, speed, power and security of web-based applications whilst adding rich new functionality such as support for Web Services, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and eXtnesible Markup Language (XML).

There is also a complete separation between the program code and the presentation layer (HTML), which makes the code easier to maintain and extend.

Custom Microsoft Solutions For Your Business

Custom Business Solutions are tuned specifically to your needs. Seagrass has created plenty of powerful Microsoft Business Solutions for various clients (click to see a list of some examples of our work).

Creating your custom business solution can be a complex process and we have the knowledge and experience to solve your business problems using Microsoft bespoke solutions.

A Microsoft business solution addresses the way you do business, from the entry screens to the way decisions are made and reports are produced, every aspect of how you uniquely do business and enforce your business vision.

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