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Litework Marketing Features

To help you get the most from the information in your database, several very useful features are included with Litework that can help with marketing, both direct/mail and online/seo.

Direct Marketing

Litework allows you to easily send multiple mailshots or text messages to candidates and clients. In addition, administrators can export complete lists in order to upload to a dedicated online marketing system.

There is also a Job Alerts feature that will automatically notify candidates when suitable jobs exist, inviting them to visit your website and apply.

Another feature is the Candidate Status Check, that can be configured to automatically send out emails to candidates checking their current status and, again inviting them to visit your website if they are.

Online /SEO

Litework can automatically integrate with several key Google services that will help your online campaigns including Google Analytics and XML Sitemaps.

The Litework CMS gives you complete control over the search related related Meta and Title tags which will allow you to do your own optimisation or use a specialist to enter the relevant details.

Because it is template based and all visible code is editable, Litework based websites can  easily take advantage of the latest HTML and CSS standards which when done correctly can have a significant impact on your search engine marketing success.

You can also provides xml and rss feeds making your vacancies available to other sources and bringing more potential candidates to your website. You can also provide subject specific news feeds to your registered users providing a useful service which will help them keep up-to-date and informed when new jobs are available.