Litework 5 Recruitment Software

Litework Recruitment Software

New Features - for August 2017

New Dashboard / Feature Enhancements

Powerful new features added enabling more efficient data-inputting, more accurate matching and more effective processing of applicants.

New staff goal tracker, set targets for your teams and let them see how they're doing via charts and reports.

The new quick search feature will instantly show you all the matching candidates, jobs and clients in one place.

Litework 5 Dashboard

Mobile Friendly UI

New fully responsive, mobile friendly interface, based on Twitter's Bootstrap 3 framework.

Works on any screen resolution on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Includes a chat function for staff

Litework 5 Mobile 1 Litework 5 Mobile 2 Litework 5 Mobile 4 Litework 5 Mobile 3

New Individual Timelines

New Timeline to show staff activity, sendouts, emails, shortlists, searches, etc.. all in chronological order.

Litework 5 Timeline

New Calendar View

Need to know what you (or a collegue) have got on for the week? View all your date sensitive information in one place.

Litework 5 Calendar

New Inbox

If you're just looking for a message, you can now view (and send) messages in one place.

Litework 5 Inbox

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