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Litework Back Office

The Back Office Dashboard displays all recent activity at a glance. Here you can see who is applying, registering and being processed as well as some other useful sections such as tasks and team performance.


The search page is used to find candidates or vacancies that match your criteria. This page can be used at any time to find a particular candidate or when called from a vacancy page, it can automatically set the search parameters to find all the suitable candidates.

Candidate Search

On the search results pages, details can be viewed and applications can be setup and sent out.

Matching Candidates

The details for vacancies are very flexible and are clearly marked by what is publicly visible and what is private. You can also record important tracking information such as source and status.

New Vacancy

Processing applications is simple, view the information, make a decision and choose from a list of possible actions. When confirmed, the application status is updated and the candidate and client notified (see emails screen).

Processing Applications

The emails page provides a quick and convenient way to inform both candidate and client of decisions via email. The dual layout shows simultaneously what will be sent to the candidate and what will be sent to the client.

Emailing Both Parties

As with vacancy details, the candidate details are flexible and clear.

Candidate Details