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Integrated Google Features

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Google, the search engine company has been busy over the last few years building lots of online services that can be integrated into your own website, usually for free (but with some commercial restrictions). These services usually involve adding a few lines of code to your website which in return will  add some very useful functionality, such as tracking visitors (Google Analytics), showing adverts (Google adSense), displaying maps (Google Maps) and many other services such as Google Checkout, Customised Search, Feedburner and Youtube.

Any of these Google services can be added to your website in the usual way but several have been integrated into Litework allowing you to add them at the click of a button, these are:

1. Google Maps. This is a visual map of the world that can be zoomed and panned and can show important places via push pins. In Litework, Google Maps are used on Front-Office to allow candidates to see where jobs are (it is turned off by default). The maps are also used (from Aug 2011) on Back-Office to help visualise where candidates and vacancies are in respect to each other.

2. Google Analytics. Tracking visitors and ROI is vital when it comes to online marketing and the free Google Analytics is feature rich and very intuitive. The code required to integrate your website with Analytics is automatically added when you enter your Analytics Key into the Litework Configuration.

3. Youtube. The Litework CMS includes a button which makes it easy to add Youtube media to your website pages in the correct way.

4. Google XML sitemap. These are hidden files that tell Google how to find and update your web pages. With Litework, you can automatically create one of these and submit it to Google.