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Custom Software Development

We Develop Bespoke Software

If your business has too much duplication of data, too much wasted time doing things manually or has a piece of legacy software that seems to take too long to do everything perhaps we can help? With our expertise you will gain the optimum solution to help drive business growth, innovation and efficiency.

Some typical applications we've worked on include web applications, websites, mobile apps, hardware integration, ecommerce, a variety of database formats, CRM Systems, portal software, job boards, data migration, legacy software modernisation, software consultancy, source code recovery, support & maintenance and hosting services.

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We offer a free, no obligation, initial consultancy service to all businesses in the UK and will give you an honest and straightforward appraisal of any current systems you have and offer advice on the best way forward.

Fixed Cost, Easier Planning

Larger software development companies tend to be reluctant to provide fixed cost quotations. This will almost certainly result in your project costing far more than originally anticipated. At Seagrass we prefer to offer fixed cost solutions for all projects we take on and in doing so allow you to plan accordingly. We feel that this approach is beneficial to our clients and it offers an additional incentive for us to deliver software on time or even early.

As a rough guide to cost, a simple 5 page website/software application including a basic database will cost around £1,500. Conversely an extremely complex business critical database is more likely to cost in the region of £7,000 to £12,000. When estimating the cost of a particular solution there are many factors to consider such as size, complexity, level of documentation required and any previous experience we have had in your particular industry.

Very large complex projects can often take years to develop. In this case we suggest that, if possible, your software be released in versions. This approach allows successive versions to take into account newer technologies and / or business requirements as they emerge. It also means that you benefit from the new software a lot earlier.

Migrating Legacy Databases and Integrated Solutions

We are specialists at integrating Microsoft and other third-party technologies into applications. For example, we can integrate Microsoft Word into your application to perform automated mail merge, Microsoft Excel to provide charting functionality, or Microsoft Exchange to provide e-mail and workflow solutions.

We can upsize a small databases to support the increased demands from your business, such as to adapt a Microsoft Access database to use something more powerful like MSDE or MS SQL Server. Alternatively, if you have or are about to invest in a new database or other piece of software, we can help you make the transition as smooth as possible by either migrating the data or even setting up an permanent interface between two or more systems. We will advise your business on the best approach to take and offer solutions to keep everything running smoothly.

In some cases, it will make more sense to totally re-engineer an application and its data. This can offer major benefits to your organisation, including incorporation of additional features and removal of any obsolete functionality.

Internet Technology and Web Services

Our skill set is expanding rapidly due to the ever-developing world of the Internet and the increasing desire of clients to stay at the forefront of competition in their particular industry and hence enable them to serve their clients better. With Seagrass you'll benefit from the security, confidence and results of a solution provider proven capable of learning, growing, and adopting new technology and new expertise.

It is important to realise that the potential offered by the Internet goes far beyond developing a website or conducting eCommerce. The underlying technologies supporting the Internet can be used to develop a wide variety of software applications for both internal and external business to business (b2b) use. Using innovative technologies such as .NET and XML it is now possible to develop dynamic and flexible software that can easily adapt to the constantly changing needs of your business.

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