“Our expertise and experience can help in all aspects of your business software and/or web presence from the initial design and conception, the programming and development, the hosting and maintenance, right through to the online marketing of your website and products/services.”

Some typical applications we’ve worked on include web applications, websites, mobile apps, hardware integration, ecommerce, a variety of database formats, CRM Systems, portal software, job boards, restaurant EPOS and online ordering, data migration, legacy software modernisation, software consultancy, source code recovery, support & maintenance and hosting services.

“We offer a free, no obligation, initial consultancy service to all businesses in the UK and will give you an honest and straightforward appraisal of any current systems you have and offer advice on the best way forward..”

If your business has too much duplication of data, too much wasted time doing things manually or has a piece of legacy software that seems to take too long to do everything perhaps we can help? With our expertise you will gain the optimum solution to help drive business growth, innovation and efficiency.

Our skill set is expanding rapidly due to the ever-developing world of the Internet and the increasing desire of clients to stay at the forefront of competition in their particular industry and hence enable them to serve their clients better. With Seagrass you’ll benefit from the security, confidence and results of a solution provider proven capable of learning, growing, and adopting new technology and new expertise for over 20 years.