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Category: Front Office

Litework Front Office

Display Specific News and Jobs using Litework

Litework (v 3.4) now has a News Management System built-in, allowing you to organise and publish your Company's news articles. You can categorise each news item according to the job type, sector or location it refers to, which will then allow each page on your website…...
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Going Live – Optional Configuration Options

The next article will detail the Essential Configuration Options but there are also a number of optional set-up stages that are possible within Litework to tweak the functionality of your website or to make the database more productive. 1. Rename built-in fields to suit your companies terminology…...
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Special Litework Codes/Tags for the CMS

In the Litework CMS, Page/Template Editors it is possible to insert special functionality using specific LW Codes. This is a summary of what each code does. The codes can be added to Pages and/or Templates by inserting the relevant code where you wish it to…...
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Adding Widgets to Your Website

The Widget Editor is accessed from the Configuration -> Content Management Section ->Manage Widgets. This will present a list of any Widgets already configured with a link to add a new one. Widgets only require 2 fields, the "Code", which must start with LW_  and…...
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Setting up the Website Navigation Menus

The Menu Editor is accessed from the Configuration -> Content Management Section ->Manage Menus. This will present a list of any Menus already configured with a link to add a new one. When adding a new Menu, the first field is the Menu Code, which…...
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Adding Widgets and LW Codes to your Website

Most of the Front-Office features of Litework are automatically integrated into your website, however Litework also provides the Widgets facility and various Special Codes / Tags that enable you to further customise the layout and functionality of your recruitment website. In the HTML for your…...
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Homepage for Registered Candidates

Litework provides a useful login facility for Candidates who visit your website and register. When a Candidate first registers they will be allocated a password and their login details will be emailed to them. Once logged in, the Candidates have access to a number of…...
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Litework Marketing Features

To help you get the most from the information in your database, several very useful features are included with Litework that can help with marketing, both direct/mail and online/seo. Direct Marketing Litework allows you to easily send multiple mailshots or text messages to candidates and…...
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Integrated Google Features

Google, the search engine company has been busy over the last few years building lots of online services that can be integrated into your own website, usually for free (but with some commercial restrictions). These services usually involve adding a few lines of code to…...
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